3Davy replies to: EURUSD

The USD index saw marginal gains overnight reclaiming the 94.00 level amid higher yields overnight. Losses in EUR/USD were limited following the progress in Italian politics with Conte set to be sworn in as PM under a M5S-League coalition government on Friday.

Option expiries of note for today’s 15:00 BST:

EUR/USD: 1.1600 (1.1 BLN), 1.1625 (1.4 BLN), 1.1700 (4.7 BLN), 1.1725-50 (1.7 BLN) and 1.1775 (0.890 BLN).

So far so good, looking for a 1st target @ 1.1828 and a 2nd target @ 1.2000.

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