aa4fx replies to: Breaking: ESMA finalizes new rules to govern leveraged trading

How do ESMA’s new rules affect products?

New minimum margin rates

ESMA’s new rules will be applied from 28 July introducing the following leverage restrictions for retail traders:

  1. 30:1 leverage on major currency pairs = 3.33% margin
  2. 20:1 leverage on major indices = 5% margin
  3. 10:1 leverage on commodities (excluding gold) = 10% margin
  4. 5:1 leverage on equities = 20% margin

These restrictions will result in increased margins across all markets, which you can see in the examples.

  1. Major FX
  2. Minor FX
  3. Major indices
  4. Minor indices
  5. Gold
  6. Commodities
  7. Cryptocurrencies
  8. Equities

Current minimum margin rate 0.5%

New minimum margin rate 3.33%

For Currency pairs containing any two of the following currencies: USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CAD, CHF


If you placed a EUR/USD trade at £5/point, assuming a current market price of 12320, your current margin requirement would be £308. Under the new rules your margin requirement will be £2051.28.

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