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Hi Traders these are the Trading objectives for the account and I have uploaded the excel picture for it as well.

Foreign Exchange Trading Objectives:

a) 21.6% of Return per month – 25% max For Short Term Trend
b) 10.8% Max Drawdown of Less than 50% Return
c) $22.1 Max Drawdown per month
d) 100% Chance of Max Drawdown
e) 65.0% Win rate
f) 1.50 to 3 Min and Med reward
g) 0.240% of Max Risk per Day
h) 1.30 Targeted Expentancy of Atleast above 1
i) 40.0 Maximum number of trades per month
j) 10.67%Approach to Targeted Return

Please be aware that these are not fixed objectives and are prone to changes as I tweak the trading system utilized for this thread.
I will maybe consider sharing the system like my buddy jayDavis did with his. You can check his under my subscriptions.

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