aaven replies to: Diversified Trend Trading Approach


“We shall not cease from exploration… And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive, where we began. And to know the place, for the very first time.” ~T.S. Elliot {image} “The day you finalized the fruition of a titanium solid trading system, is the day you have gained enough wisdom, to know, not to automate it.” ~CrucialPoint

Welcome back CP. You and I both have the same problem. We just cannot get rid of FF from our lives LOL

BTW: I have no idea what your post means or whether it was directed towards me :-

EDIT: to know, not to automate it.”…. I understand what you mean now. Sorry, it’s 1:40am here. Mine is not fully automated. My EA (by design) will blow the account if left untouched over the weekend. And, by design, it has no input parameters. I manually edit them and compile several times every day (and/or remotely manage) the hard-coded settings. Steal-proof baby!

I have left ForexFactory. This was my first & last social media experiment!

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