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{quote} Friend if anyone can make head to tail of what your talking about most of the time they’re a better man then me Double Dutch to me I’m afraid. “47 min” chart, 3 and 12 hour – can’t follow even if I understood! Anyway it’s your thread so I wish you happy trading. I made my point if anyone wants to listen and learn they can but generally I find they don’t want to which is why I don’t have my own thread anymore. Complete waste of time!! Good luck and Good Bye to you and to all your faithful sheep

You see you’re a retail trader. You will not understand.. You probably use MT4… 15 minute, 30 minute, 1 Hour.. I was trying to prove that time doesn’t matter in Forex.

Put up a chart in tradingview on anytime below the daily and it all works the same.. Even if its a 33 minute chart… Price doesnt give a monkeys what time of day it is.. It will do what it will do….

A retail way of thinking….. On the H1 chart it has hit resistance…. Has it hit resistance on another time frame..

I don’t care if you’re been trading for 25 years. It still doesnt mean you get it or have a clue of why and how the price moves.

I get fed up of saying this as it doesn’t help… I worked with them… Yes, the big boys and there big computer toys…. I know..

And No I am not based in the US… England actually and I did that trade on a tablet whilst travelling Europe at nearly 3am (Asian session) and closed it when I new the money flow will dry up… Over 12 hours in a trade and you say I was late. Just proves how little you know.

If you know it all and I just go on.. Stay off this thread and open your own. Show us your experience of retail trading over the past years.

You don’t get it because it just goes over your head because you are used to what you have been taught and learnt.. The retail way.

I no what I am taking about…. You are just like the rest here. The ones who think they no it all… Mentioning no names…

Its people like you who put me off from posting…. Some people get it. Some want to learn it. You don’t just understand it.

I opened a 50K account. You can see when in the other thread… Was it a few weeks ago.. Do it the pro big boys way and end up with this. You went on about how not all of us can have million dollar accounts.. Yes I closed the last one with 1.6 Million… But it doesnt matter what size account you have, you can do it… Look at some of the success some are reporting and they don’t even know half of what I know.

All your years of experience and you post a chart like this and say it has hit resistance… With a currency strength ind which is probable based on MA’s and you have some MA Lines… Years of experience.

I had some beef with Davit a while back but he is a better trader then you by 1000%… I post a chart by jmtini with his years of experience

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