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Thanks again for your great contributions and eye openers in this thread, i have one question :

Now i am trying to understand what you are doing in your trades, your approach to them and how you do it, to be able to learn from it.

So far i assume we all understand your approach and what you’re doing in trading, as for how.. and where u got these indicators, i am asking the following questions :

1-) Is it a sort of Market profile indicator or open orders indicator ? You did say NO, and i believe you, also if you have such an indicator, it will be from one broker or one feed, like myfxbook, which does not reflect the whole market, and if it was from the interbank, i don’t think the interbank has the details of every open order, i think brokers send the LPs collective orders and try to hide the orders of their clients from the LPs and they usually run internal bucket shops. ( I hope i am right in that assumption and please do correct me if i am wrong ), so even if u had access to interbanking data, it will not reflect the positions and accumulations.

2-) Based on the fact that you mentioned, it is a custom made indicator, and u need a 200 IQ among some knowledge in mathematics,…etc. I am assuming the following and please correct me if i am wrong :

– using tick data and taking every tick into account + knowing how much money is needed to push the pair on pip + checking the momentum <<< a genius will be able to create a comprehensible relationship and put it in a mathematical formula that will give u live entry orders or entry levels.
– Stops can be gathered mirroring the entry volumes and gathering probable stop levels at various time frames and putting them as possible stop accumulation points where the price will hit again soon.

Is it possible that you custom made such an indicator ?

3-) I am just shooting words out of my ass and have no idea what i am talking about 🙂

Thanks for your feedback

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