AdamCrist replies to: Demo Forex VS Real Forex


{quote} If you take a look back you’ll see that Dwain’s initial statement is about Rollover/swaps/spreads. He did not mention slippage, thus he is correct. How is my agreement with him a contradiction to my own statement? I do agree that slippage has a role and will make a difference, but IMHO if the slippage is what will determine your being profitable or not you shouldn`t be trading in the first place.

Wrong ! Dwain is wrong and you are wrong.
You are wrong because we are talking about whether a demo account and a live account are the same. They are NOT. slippage, execution and liquidity are three that completely change the dynamic from a demo account to a live account.

You say you agree with slippage – therefore how can a demo be the same as a live account? It can’t end of.

Dwaine was banging on about the trading conditions yet failed to understand that slippage is a fundamental condition in trading.

As for your comment about slippage determining profitability, please go and re-read what I actually said rather than reading what you want it to say.

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