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Gwen, actually, I was thinking about. After a little time I realized, that I have to choose one thing (for now) and study it well.
At the beginning of this thread Stace posted a link there
I have read a few chapters, and I really liked it, because I don’t have to read a lot of classical forex books – there are plenty of examples and patterns from these books. I think, that I started to understand some things, but I know that there are still so many things I have to know… I will take some time to read the whole book, and maybe after that I will understand more. Anyway I want to say thanks to all people, that helped me there.
I appreciate all your help!!! Thank you very much! Esp. TrevA! Your posts were a great help to me!
Anyway I will post there later, to share my opinion with all of you!

Best Regards!

Hello everybody!
I spent a looot of time reading Masterforex-V book and right now I can give you my opinion.

There are 3 books on the site – the 1st and the 2nd are free.
In the 1st you can read all basics about the forex: different systems, famous books by the forex classics, common mistakes of the newbies… And so on, a lot of useful things.

Really, you guys told me a lot of interesting facts, and I was reading this book with some base knowledge in my head, and I have found there some points, that I didn’t understand here. It is no good to bother you with every simple question I had to find some things out before, and now I did it.
I don’t say that I know everything right now, but some base knowledge and DEFINITE system – yes. I spent 1 and a half year in vain, and it was like a lightning strike upon my head to read this book.

In the 2nd book I have found all main technical indicators and what is more important – definite description how to use it.
I built up my system on the basis of this book. Right now I try to use and test it everyday on the demo account. Some trades I do on the real one. I don’t want to force you and your decision, but I can say that it works for me. At least everyone can give it a try and read only that chapters, that he interested in.

Also I want to mention, that I have started my own trading blog at

I have already invited on my blog Clockwork personally (I really liked his site, and thought that he might be interested in mine).
I want all you to visit it, esp. TrevA – you have given me a LOT of useful advices here. I hope that you and the others will find my blog interesting too.

With Best Regards,

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