AdamCrist replies to: Pairs for trade the news


I can’t really understand why a retail forex trader, without a research-team at his disposal, would want to trade the news, rather than taking whatever care he can to avoid it. I feel pretty sure that in the long run such attempts will invariably turn into a triumph of hope over experience, for at least 95% of such traders. I’m also understating it, if anything.

You don’t need research team, you need research. And the guys in a research team aren’t certainly smarter than you. I do it as learning curve. Data base building, researching behaviour, big data analisis, building ea. Yes, you have to do a lot of programming, and it really helps if you know something about math, statistics . . . but you don’t need a group. But my development is slow, yes.

Without knowing the whatandwhy news trading is suicide, and the quick one, you are right. But there are so many stupid things on the forum about other strategies, suicides as well, but on the longer term.

I think there are patterns worth to examine on almost all timeframes, but I have so little time

Only my scepticism keep me from being an atheist. Be sceptic ever.

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