ade1 replies to: 8 Years Later – Still Not Winning

Profitable traders do this,successful traders do that.Traders on the right side of the market do this,profitable traders following big money do that.Everyone seems to have an answer as to why traders should be profitable.If it was as easy as doing one of the above,wouldn’t everyone be doing/trying one of the above.Trading is hard
…plain and simple.I have had a few businesses in my life and luckily all have been moderately profitable,but none has been even remotely close to the pressure that forex trading dishes out.I do believe that fear and greed are the primary movers of this industry and that is why forex is constantly evolving(our fear and greed constantly change).I have been trading forex for around 13 years and when i awake to trade ,I still do have patches of euphoria and downright misery.This,I believe ,will not change because i am a risk taker and not a robot.For me personally,I do not think that i will achieve..”complete emotional free trading”,but that’s fine.I am on a journey and believe that most traders are on a journey ,just like me.

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