Aich replies to: Who influenced/inspired you the most in your trading?


{quote} The guy is still a noob with his 16,000 plus posts here…. Still looking for the holy grail.. What I don’t get is a lot follow the likes of Davshit… He says he made so much last month… So why hasn’t all the followers who follow him on a daily basis…. Yes, their is something not quite right. The noobs still believe everything they see…….. Chow 😉

This is the 3rd time you were “leaving” my thread lol…

I recommended you just leave, but hey, you can lead a dumb horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

Here, I’ll do you a huge favour and put you on ignore.
That way you can’t keep embarrassing yourself in my thread with factually deficient posts, riddled with emotionally charged presumptions.

Afterall, “We must help those who can’t help themselves”.


Don’t chase profits, let them sneak up on you…

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