akangaziz replies to: Event Driven Trading System – News Trader – Free Program

The test account running news trader program has been running for 83 days, which is 7 days away from 90 days. In the retail trading world, there is formula called: 90/90/90. Means: 90% of retail traders, lose 90% of fund in first 90 days. That’s the one of reasons i want to introduce this News Trading program here, to help those retail traders survive in this market in the long run. And transform FX trading from a high risk gambling game to some kind of BOND investment.

Two days ago, in the FIFA, German lose the game with 0:2 from South Korean. There is video developed by a Chinese math teach using possibility theory explained that match.

The summary message from that vedio is: considering German is stronger than Korea at overall level, the only effective strategy Korea can do is taking conservative way which can help increase the winning ratio from 22% to 32%.

That leads me to think about our forex training. The market and institutions is much stronger than retail traders. The only way the retail traders can win in the long term is take the right strategy and trade less.

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