AlansGS777 replies to: to 1M too

Sometime is depressing seeing how far the 1M is.

to 1M – ea/manual
I managed to poluate it or make it more profitable, by mistakenly adding in this account a manual trade on usdca, and another one, and another one, and after some others on gbpusd, …, the trades >1lot, … the intention is not to repete it and have at least the trade initialization from the EA, but I won’t punish myself and take a loss just because the trade is not added via the EA.
More toys should come.

to 1M – manual
Not much to say, trading is going well. Up to last week my worse days (feeling) were Monday/Tuesday and after I was going better, but since last week those days switched, Monday/Tuesday being the best, or maybe I am just getting better!

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