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{quote} Hi Ezzy Im interested to know why v1 is your fav over v3 ?

hmm I can possibly see why now , just looking at the screenshot , although v1 only had 5 buffers and very few calculations. Maybe we are loosing out on lost opportunities by having more buffers ???
The screen shot shows v2 (20 buffers against v3 100 buffers) , what Im trying to achieve by adding more buffers is a consistent profitable signal that will be used in a EA , and speaking to a friend of mine last night (PhD in maths) he said I should try 1000 buffers , well that could be too much.

So Im going to add a feature to vary the buffers that the calc get done on , but at the same time Im worried about being able to customize it too much , this eventually lands up in a curve fitting situation which is ok for past data.

The thing that puzzles me is where are the comments from over 200 downloaders ??? or do people just download , look at something for 5 minutes and move on …maybe this Forex thing is just a novelty for most people , they dont take it seriously and they are happy with their drone jobs/lives ? lol well thats not me , Ill make it without anyone’s help , of course , those that jump on this train with me will be going to paradise .”Dont stop thinking about tomorrow …Fleetwood Mac”

This will be mine one-day.

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