alm-hd replies to: 5 minute binary option trading with good win ratio

Hi I had been exploring forex for a few years, but as I was mostly reliant on EA and had never taken the efforts to understand the market.

For the past 2 weeks I have been trying out this strategy and also have been learn the various indicators as to what each of the indicators do.

Had a very bad week last week where I had more OTMs than ITMs. Today I seem to have got the hang of it and have been doing the following:

  1. Installed the “5mint binary” into the indicators and template.
  2. Installed the “SMA CrossOver_Justin_Alert” along with the existing “SMA CrossOver_Justin” where there is a minor change but seem to overlap with the yellow arrow at most the right places. Where we need to enter the trade. Also this one has a “Red” and “Blue” instead of a single “Yellow” arrow.
  3. Also included the “MA 21” as instructed by US_Fantasy.
  4. Today I have been trying to trade as per the rule where if there is a “CALL” signal, “SMA CrossOver Justin” and the candle is on the “MA21” I go for a buy, vice versa for the “PUT”.
  5. Also have the “Super Trend” indicator in place. Where I am trading mostly with the trend.

Today performance has definitely improved but still not up to the mark. Will keep practicing and hope to get better. Will keep everyone posted.

Please suggest if i am doing something wrong so that I can improve myself to do better. Looking forward for your input.

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