alphadude replies to: double the account every day…

You probably can, but Id go for 50% a day, instead of the 100% a day.

You MUST go in, willing to lose all of your account.

Now, the trick is to start small. If you can double your account with $10, it turns to $20. duh, right?

You must treat it like gambling, but with a planned entry.

With $10 and 50% a day gain, it would take 5 weeks to break $250,000

Be consistant with your lots per trade.

Take your balance, times .38 So, with a Balance of $10, your first trade should be 0.03… Using 1:500 leverage
Take Profit of at least 14 pips. If you want to scalp, scalp away, but remember, your looking for that 1 single trade to hit your daily goal. If you feel more comfortable with 2 trades, Take Profit of 7 pips, 2 times. Keep in mind, the longer your in, the more likely your going to get whacked. This is a stick and move, collect, and go home type trade style.

It is gamblin, no doubt about it. Your betting on a possible win-lose situation.

But if you cant do it with $10, you cant and wont do it with $100 or $1000.

Throw down $10, and see what ya get going all-out. But you got to be willing to take the hits, and U must attack each day with a vengeance of skill, and timing. Focus on 1 pair, and master your block of time you can have total concentration for 10 minutes. Wait for that fractal, and hit it with your bankroll,

even if you string some days together, pull out the cash to use for later if you fail. and start it over again.

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