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So how many lotz can you trade with 30:1 leverega on a 1000 dollar account….It will not impact me because i am working with ic markets and they are in australia and said too me that they will not have to follow esma…IC markets the only broker too use when scalping 0-0.6 spread 0-0.1 on majors and 0-0.6 on gbp/jpy all the pairs i need and they take 7 dollars a lot for opening trade cheaper is impossible


It is very easy to calculate.

1 lot = $100,000

If you wish to trade $100,000 with 30x leverage, you will require 100,000 / 30 = $3333.33~

Keep in mind your broker will have a “close out” percentage of their own when your account gets too low, probably around 33% so you may need to add that to the calculation.

If you have a $1,000 account; you will be able to trade $1000 x 30 (leverage) = $30,000; which is 0.3 lots.

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Balance = $1,000
Margin Rate: 1:30
Lots: 0.3 lots (30,000 units)*
Required Margin: $1,161 …………….??

*ABC: 0.01 lot = 1,000 units, 0.1 lot = 10,000 units, 0.3 lot = 30,000 units.

Retail traders are essentially self hired – required mandatory entrance qualifications – zero.

Nonsense calculations aside, the fundamentals of selling and marketing – amateur or professional – is to first create interest and discussion around a product – lure then in – then wham ! – hit them with a bate referral (or other appropriate) solution disguised as the solving helping hand.

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