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Good Video FF. Perhaps remove the closed captioning as it overrides portions of the chart (and I am taking screenshots on my cellphone to zoom in and out!) This is good evidence to stay the F*ck away from supply demand chartists, line traders, pivot traders, S/R/Fib traders. They are all scammers baiting you to stay around the places to suck your account dry!

EDIT: As part of my journey to research and fact based detoxification, I have spent countless hours to rule out any such price action “setup” on a single chart/timeframe. They all fail in the long run given enough time as evident by the videos you are sharing. I have developed dozens of such tools just to rule them out via process of elimination. I am NOT Lazy 🙁

Edit2: Sharing as it is relevant to WHAT feeds into such manipulation zones. Another part of my research on “lines”

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I am on self-imposed exile from FF to continue my detoxification journey!

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