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Trading better today, and every day, is key to consistent trading success. As past performance is no guarantee for future results, what would you do differently today for trading success? Which one thing would you focus on today to be a better trader? What did you learn last week that you would apply this week for better trading results? I am starting this thread to focus on the central purpose of FF: To learn and to share. Over 90% of FF members joined FF primarily because of that purpose. However, along the line some members tend to come to a…

Interesting thread by the OP.And thanks for sharing your thoughts and insight,

I agree that we must learn something new about forex markets and ofcourse WE must also learn to implement what we have learned and that too in a proper way otherwise it would be of no use at all,and even than the trading legend Wd gann himself told that even after becoming a master of markets he was still learning new things after 45 years.

However there were certain principles which he used constantly to beat the markets which were based on immutable natural laws which he called as a ‘law of vibration’.Markets are driven by human beings. And human beings do not change. They repeat their behaviours, cycle-after-cycle.

But here is the thing I believe which most people are not aware of is that one must have a proper goal and vision of what,how and why to learn that ‘something’
And than how to implement that ‘something’ and make it to convert into a tradeable idea.
However for doing that we must learn to unlearn what we have been told by others about the markets.

I remember a quote i saw somewhere which sums up about learning to unlearn

The illiterate of the future are not those who can’t read or write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.” – Alvin Toffler

Now about what did ‘I’ Do or did;-
I found out the purpose behind what exactly i want to achieve in this markets i.e what,how and why to learn that ‘something’ and i was successfully in doing it. i.e converting that something into a tradeable idea.

No one ever Discovered anything new by colouring inside the lines.

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