AngelicaMari replies to: AmazingEA: Automated Straddle Trading Expert Advisor

I have no idea how you get profit from the real account using news trading strategy.
I spent 1 year with news EA and found that if my news trading EA can work well for that broker, usually that broker is a market maker.

the big problem with news strategy is the liquidity availability and slippage. I never succeeded with those 2 things with news strategy in MT4.
demo version always gives the best result, but in the live account, you will always lose. why? because in demo account you will not have a problem with slippage.

that’s why I created another EA that can run in any broker. I’m done with news trading strategy.
and the funny thing is the author sell EA for a live account for 250 USD, lol. if you can show me what mt4 broker that can run well with news EA, I will trust you. but I know that the real mt4 broker (not market maker) is not suitable for news trading.

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