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{quote} ENTRY: price reached FOR SELL S61, FOR BUY R61 price close above R61, below S61 TDI angle >50 for buy, <50 for sell FOR current TF other timeframe except daily must be in agreement…so for M15 the TDI from M30 to H4 is pointing up=angle>0 for buy and vice versa EA will enter at the high of previous candle (when price closed below S61) for buy at 0.01 lot and vice versa until it reached 0.1 lot Multiple entries up to 11 times from 0.01 to 0.1 trade at 61: simply trade there EXIT SL: FOR BUY S100/FOR SELL R100 TP: half at S38/R38, other half…

Reteid you probably understood him wrong.

According to Davit pivot strategy You sell at R61 & Buy at S61. The tdi rules & rest are fine.

Now please dont get me wrong, this way you will make tremendous results some week (when ranging) & there will be a week when Gbp or Usd or Eur or Nzd or Aud or Cad or Chf might be in strong trend that will simply blow your account.

So without an entry filter or something that will detect trend in progress, this will fail miserably, if you dont trust me you can check in your tester, you are a fine coder it wont take much time for you.

The same thing are done by the Pivot Trading EA thread guys. Check on that thread. They are also using this approach with multiple entries.

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“Your exits are far more important than your entries.”

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