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{quote} So instead of taking the advice of amateurs on FPA he/she should take the advice of an amateur like you then? To the original poster the ONLY way to see which broker fits best with you is open a live account with them all, run the same strategy for a couple of months and compare the results. They will all be slightly different. I have used IC markets for donkeys years and global prime for just over 2 years. I like both for different reasons. IC will give you bigger leverage 500:1 , GP upto 200:1 So that may play a part in…

Do not trust me coz I am nobody. Reviews are subjective. Typical reviews are like this I traded with dealer for 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years. Its is the best I ever had. Why is it the best? I can not tell u…. but it is the best. 500:1 leverage is not part of my decision coz I do not want to blow my account or a huge drawndown. There is no advantage except low margin requirement. I gave up Global prime 3 years ago due to 100 pips slippage on eurusd. It is true there is no market monkey games between u and the broker. Everything is played between the broker and LPs so check ur log files carefully
I recently tested tickmill but I think it is no good. Fxpig may be a good one.

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