Aussi replies to: 8 Years Later – Still Not Winning


Did any of the 8 years spent focusing on your discipline? Trading is 80% mental, 10% money management, and 10% technical. All too often we get anxious thinking about making lots of money so we habitually look for systems that might help us get that goal. That’s where our failure begins.

The very subject new traders should be taught is trading psychology, if they learn trading psychology. they can progress to profitable trading.If they learn’t about trading psychology first, most new traders will never enter the market. A lot of broker money is spent recruiting new suckers, almost a billion dollars a year is spent by brokers on marketing to recruit new losers of future, to replace losing customers.It is a catch 22 situation.

How is the poor trader going to learn , that most can not succeed after 20 years, when all this information on the human mind is kept hidden from the 8 year losing trader.It will still be kept hidden after 20 years.

So 20 years is not enough, because on forums relying on broker income, they will never know how to suceed.

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