Aussi replies to: Exotics (USD/TRY, USD/ZAR, USD/MXN, and others)

UsdZar / USD index

UsdZar has risen a lot today with higher usd index..
Daily and weekly charts of Usdzar suggests that we are resuming up trend which started around april seems that 50 MA in daily chart and 100 MA, 200 MA in weekly chart have supported well..and we are bouncing up..buying dips can be safer in following weeks..we are approaching September Fed meeting and to the end of summer trading season..also geopolitical crisis may escalate in Autumn such as sanctions(russia, iran), tariffs which probably will lead weakening of EM currencies..

USD index daily is strongly up today, forcing 100 and 200 weekly looks it will break above soon..maybe tomorrow maybe next week..i was expecting it will happen in septemper with end of summer trading..but it may happen very soon..Fed meeting approaching..geopolitical risks are escalating..

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make your own analysis and decisions..just giving some perspective..

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