bfx17 replies to: Scammers – Hall of Shame


{quote} congratulations you have ruined any credibility you had with me and also anyone even slightly impartial on the situation you can not going around the internet calling people names like (scammer /cheater /faker) and than not prove your accusations when given the opportunity all i have ever seen you do on here is talk about people not learning the basics and claiming some complete tosh about teaching banks how to traded just to clarify this situation to any third parties you claim to teach banks how to trade your just a another…

you are really this low skilled man from you last post, so now again.

you are this child, who tell me, when someone come to me even with an idiotic challenge, you have to accept. sorry, but i waste my time with such loser mining people like you, learn the basics, i teached you enough.
when you dont like to learn the basics, its like i train a child and you cant understand what i speak about.

how you are able to misread my complete text and write again your bullshit, crazy and not often seen. at least this show my you dont have any ability to understand trading or whats a real challenge.
you want that i invest my time in a challenge without any real bigger money in account? you have time, fractalfreak has time for this bullshit because you both dont trade and talk more about, but no real trader who live from trading!
you want a challenge where someone tell you have many currencies you have to trade. fractaltrade want this. sorry, any good trader wants trading what he want.
you want that trades are shown and talked about same time? fractalfreak wants this. anyone with no good system wants this. any real trader with a good trading system dont want any of this and just show the real results, what you and fractal dont want because you dont have any to lose and fractalfreak wants selel later his cheat, thats his goal with all his cheateing and fakiong (and many people did show how he fakes many things, so learn reading!!)..
this could be a endless list but its so worthless because i wrote it before it before and you are unable to understand without you are a trader with basics learned…. realy time wasting with people like you. you are only attacking because of your own mistakes, funny but boring.

so i can understand that you and fratcalfreak wants this challenge (you are both without basics learned, thats for 100% and easy to see in what you both speak about), so you both should battle, because you are at the same low level, and dont say other say should do a idiotic challenge any good trader would not do in this kind. fractalfreak is a total coward and hides behind his fakes and trades he dont do (writing later i sold there and there anyone can do!!) and you are exactly same leven because you did not even check this and defend a scammer any medium trader can recognize very fast, and all did. you are a beginenr, so ok for this, you have no basics learned, thats not ok. when you dont know this, learn it or dont speak about things you dont know or you get all the time the answer and you dont will like this answer, because you look not good on the end. learn, ask what you dont understand, but writing in your style shows to extrem where your problems are. i hope you get some ideas for your life and trading.

and really really, learn to read: i dont teached banks how to traded (that will not work), i teached trading groups in bank or build this groups and teached them all about trading and how to find trading systems for their own and develop, where to find the edges and i valued people who tried to come to trading group from outside the bank…. i never teached any trading system, this only loser/faker/scammer/liar/fraud starter.. do, because this dont work, never worked and anybody who trades know the reasons and was mentioned often enough (so look for this in many posts when you dont know it for your own because of basics not learned).

maybe sorry for the hard words, but after you have 2 posts with bullshit about same thing, and after first answer you could not check for your own your mistakes, its neccessary to bring you from your dream land into reality. at the moment you really look like someone who accepts any stupid challenge, only because your character dont allows not to do, remembers me to the movie “back to the future”.

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