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22 Hours left to pick your horse before all bets are closed!

You do NOT have to be a current member or have contributed to a charity to get into this horse race.


I have just launched 5 new Test Accounts all based on the most up-to-date versions of what I am playing with.

Auto Stochs – Most recent version (not released yet) of the Stochastics Trader – working with M15 Trend and M5 No-Nedge and Stochastics Tap Out Logic.
Auto Magix – Most recent version (not released yet) of the Magix_Scalp Trader – working with the standard triggering and Tap Out Logic.
CoCo Magix – Magix Scalp Triggering (not released yet) using EURGBP filtering on 12 pairs – standard Magix Scalp Triggering with Tap Out Logic.
Magix Fixed Lot Auto – Most recent version (not released yet) of Magix_Scalp – working with the Magic 7 pairs, Tap Out Logic and using a Fixed Lot cost Averaging.
Buzzsaw Magix 7 – Working on a Homeostatic trend, Magic 7 pairs – Market Dynamic Exits.

Each of these has a starting balance of what I believe to be required for them to not only survive, but prosper in market.

According to the current market cycle, we should see 2 weeks of Absolute Market CHOP followed by a week that will completely crush Grid Trading EA’s…I might be wrong on this one…summer session can be a bit of a See(C) You(U) Next(N) Tuesday(T)!

In any case…whether I am right or wrong, one of these accounts will come out as a leader. Leader in that it will either have the HIGHEST percentage gains for Next Week, or the Lowest Losses, or will just be the LAST ACCOUNT TO BLOW UP!!

So here’s the dealio.

Place your Bet on the horse you think will win this race.

All it takes…just name the account you think will be the best and if you are correct, I will email you a (limited trial) of ‘Bitch and a Buzzsaw’, FREE!

I mean…really…If I release this motherfucker, it’s most probably going to be for a charitable contribution anyways, but this gives you a ‘Sneak-A-Peak’ at how you can work with it.

Sound like fun??

If you have no idea…flip a coin…coins don’t lie!
Take a Guess!!
Read some fucking Tea Leaves!!

Really…by simply taking a guess and posting your guess in thread, you have nothing to lose…

Oh yeah…only your first guess will count…must be in by NY Roll Over on Monday, August 27th!

Money Can’t Buy Happiness. Poverty Can’t Buy SHIT! You Choose!

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