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Hello everyone, i used to work on Trading Station for years and now i was forced to switch to MT4. On Trading Station i hadn’t to calculate the volume, lot size etc., so i am little confused at the moment. Example setup: account currency € CHF/JPY entry @ 112.025 sl @ 111.576 volume 10.80 I calculated that my total risk in this case would be 3757 € Well, my broker told me that i am totally wrong and this setup would be a much higher risk than my equity. Anyone here that can explain it to me? Thanks guys

i dont want to go into detail, u can check it under the exposure tab. (conversion from CHF TO EUR to check your exact risk)

but generally
1 lot = $10/pip
10.8 lot = $108/PIP.

so from ur entry to sl is 44.9 pips. which equates to 108*44 = $4752 aprox

however do note that because ur account is in euro trading a non euro pair, this is considered as a cross currency execution. . the exact amount will vary. due to the chf or jpy to eur exchange rate fluctuation causing a change in per pip value. ie, chf has to be converted to eur at market rate, before ur floating profit and loss is shown. details which u can see under the exposure tab when u have open trades.

if you are really hard up on getting the exact figure. using free margin to calculate risk would be better approximation.

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