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{quote} Thank you for answering! I was asking for searching the trading ideas after London close. With regards, SP {quote} Thanks, that’s really cool! SP

Usually after London market session closed the market liquidity drops and the market becomes narrow range but it can be narrow range up or narrow range down.
You can still trade in the M15 or M5 using the 5-Method or the 21/233 Method. Just lower your expectations in terms of number of pips. Do not expect 50pips above for the 8 pairs which the OP traded in the past. Anything between 15 to 20 pips for EU, GU and EJ during this second half of the NY session can still be good.
Trade the continuation of the London session when you see a good trend which follows through into the NY afternoon session till that session closes.This would work best using the 21/233 Method template.

Post 3018 for the chart setup…44#post4305744

Always beware of fakey during the London close hour because of traders exiting their day positions, price can pullback like retracement and those retracements are mistaken for reversals.

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