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I am using this broker from last 2 years and I can say its a good broker without any issues so far.

Good for you.
Noticed how they have not answered my question? lol.
Look, they have the audacity to claim to “provide best spot FX trading environment and experience to all of our clients.”
That is clearly not the case: In fact they provide their clients with the currently worst platform on the market, MetaTrader 4.
Meaning order execution is slow, server capacity low, expensive (for clients), limited in every aspect, especially regards alogrithmic trading.
Every reputable broker has several platforms to offer, all the way up to prop. APIs, all but Tickmill.
Otherwise all seems fine. However, in trading it is all about speed and overall tech. possibilities / capabilities. With MT4 we are tech-wise put at a disadvantage:
Although programmable, MT4 is not suited for algo. trading (or program. assisted trading). MT4’s tester capab. are a joke.
And they do not move. They are fine with that crap, but clients are not, and they give a sh*t about it. Reality bites.
Only people who do not understand the (not so accidental) shortcomings of MT4 fancy this platform, i.e. noobs and slow traders (to whome soph. tech. does not matter much). So, in that aspect, Tickmill is one of the worst brokers out there.

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