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aaven where are you? Have you melted in the heat as well.. Today the thermometer says 120F – No one can cope in such heat. You can’t eat or sleep or do anything but just sit under a large tree.

I wanted to show you with just how to quickly with the WCU and gold how to determine strength and weakness… Now if using MT4 the only broker that offers all the gold pairs is OANDA… I might be wrong though but best to use tradingview if you can..and you can easily see the percentage of which you can’t in MT4.

As it was to hot to sleep last night I did the ratings quick and besides attracting another nutcase here on another thread I did a trade to show you…

DISCLAIMER… Yes big disclaimer… As I was testing the new currency unit script from DonForex I did a DEMO TRADE IN MT4 to show aaven.
I didn’t do a real trade as I was that exhausted from the heat and lack of sleep and have to drive 300 miles later today in temps so hot the road melts.

GOLD V CAD +0.36
GOLD C GBP +0.50
GOLD V EUR +0.27
GOLD V CHF +0.40
GOLD V AUD – 0.03
GOLD V JPY +0.41
GOLD V NZD +0.40
GOLD V USD +0.65

GBPWCU -0.31
AUDWCU +0.05

Myfxbook community…. GBPAUD – 70% are long 😉

So looking at that and as I have been trading GBPCAD all week. Real account.. The GBPAUD was better in strength today. This was in the early morning my time.
Yes the AUDUSD was better but I noticed the GBP was falling against gold a lot faster then the USD.. So the GBP was becoming weaker the USD.

I hope that helps in working it out…

Notice as lack of sleep… The chart is the AUDUSD and not the GBPAUD but you can check it… No time to edit it 😉

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