blackforex1 replies to: ReadtheMarket – Supply and Demand with Price Action

i have read alot of pages of RTM , and videos and pages , books , but still failed to know , what to do ?

what i came to know , engulfed . what engulfed ?

swap zone , but there are many swap zone where to enter and what is SL and TP ? i saw there is not a single word about SL ,

FTR , but does i need to trade FTR ? or not ? PAZ after FTR , but it failed many time ,

FLag limit , but there is no post/ video/ comment , how to verify flag limit ? or when to trade ? means break good SR , then wait for FTB , 2FTB , where to trade and how to confirm this Flat limit will hit TP ? etc .. nothing is clear.. it is a knowledge here and there on the open ground , no list or arrangement from a to z ? why ?

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