bmac replies to: EURUSD Only

My two pennies:

1. In my humble opinion: This thread is the best thread on the internet regarding day trading the EuroDollar in a consistently profitable way.
2. In my humble opinion: Ata absolutely knows how to trade the EuroDollar in a consistently profitable way.

Unfortunately, this thread makes the very human mistake – to err is human – to assume that everything has already been discovered regarding trading the EuroDollar profitably on a daily basis. A reminder: to err is human. Logically, I forgive this thread for making this very human mistake.

My experience after 13 600 hours of trading the EuroDollar on the Demo:

It is possible to have absolutely proven trading rules resulting in consistently profitable trades on a daily basis in the EuroDollar market starting with decisions on the Two Minute Time Frame continuing to the One Hour Time Frame.

Obviously, this thread, in true social media fashion, will respond to my comment, as in the recent past, with: 1. “Who the fuck cares about the three minute chart (user gatenio). ” and 2. “You are a PRICK regarding your views on this forum (user Sossos). “

That is absolutely normal behaviour on a public, social media forum. Absolutely nothing wrong with the response of this thread to my comments: I am a PRICK and who the fuck cares about the Three Minute Time Frame. Absolutely normal stuff for a public forum.

So, what am I getting at? This: I wish to remind open minded users that the absolute end of discovery of consistently profitable daily trading rules in the EuroDollar market has not yet been reached.

That is still an ongoing process.

I am waiting for fresh insults. This comment is directed at the many open-minded users on this thread, not to the insulters. But, haters, please go ahead and play your very valued part on this forum. (See: The Grumbling Beehive, The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith, 1776.)

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