bmac replies to: Price is everything


{quote} I see this is your first post (a total of 70+ posts in your history overall to FF) to the famous PIE thread in your 12 year FF membership. I was a significant contributor to this thread during Red’s reign (but you wouldn’t know that since it is doubtful you’ve reviewed this thread) and to some of the offshoots of this thread (all which have either failed or were unable to keep up with the great Red’s reputation). Since his disappearance the quality of contributions has steadily declined. I have advocated that this thread RIP. Some disagree….

I made this account just to thank you, I’m not sure if this is allowed but you saved me some 15000 Euro and more importantly some time in my little life, if I hadn’t came across thread called “scammers hall of fame” and you and few others who exposed the man, lets not take names, I would’ve probably fallen for the trickery.

Keep up the good work, newbies are at least not wasting that kind of money on possible scam. Sorry if this post does not adhere to rules on forum.

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