bolot replies to: Trio Orchestra EA: A free – no expiry – little grid rider


{quote} Fukking GBP …right ??

No, it’s actually on EURUSD, but its still trader’s fault. When I saw it can survive a 500 pips drop on EURUSD on ratio 1000:0.01, I slowly increase it to 5 times that, and in the process, I change the setting in the Asia trading time( my time), which does not have volume, so nothing is happening except the EA set a new but buy limit using the new 0.05 base lot times the cycle its in, (@rodolfolm this is nothing wrong with code on this part, I think) but the program haven’t clear the current cycle its in. So, that new big sell stop order got take place after it dropped another 500 more pips. This is one of the reason that it blew.

A second reason, is because i didn’t change the corresponding max lot from 1 to 3.

PS don’t try too may pairs on demo, because its a demanding EA on trading server, I got a warning from IC because I try to test 6 pairs at the same time.

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