bravester replies to: Nadex – Best binary options strategy?

Friday 2/16/18 –

7 wins
10 expenses (loss)
1 break even
Total: $148 net loss

Mentally i’m not doing well today, huge problem in my personal life last night I should have not traded this morning.

Going into my trading session this morning I was aware to be cautious, so I did start trading conservative and followed my rules.
I was up $92.5 in profit early in my session and was about to stop trading and call it a day because I noticed that I started feeling anxious and nervousness, BUT my greedy side just wanted to place one more trade to break the $100+ in profit and it went down hill from there. I lost my next trade and started revenge trading to make it back… the following trades from there were not in my trading strategy.
When I noticed I was down $148 I forced myself to close Nadex and ended my session before it got worse.

In reality, I understand and accept that I will have losing days and a $148 loss in not bad, It is within my daily draw down. It is just that fact that I placed revenge and random trades that made it a bad trading session.

Self ratings:
Performance – 65%
Discipline – 65%
Self Awareness – 70%

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