BrianRay replies to: S/R Monthly pivot PA trading!!!!

I firmly believe that if someone is willing to learn that they can be taught.

With that being said lets get into what i’m not responsible for…

1. I will not be the blame for your gains or losses.
2. I will not tell what to trade, how to trade or when to trade.

Simple enough I hope!!

If you are new to Forex trading (less then 2 years experience). I suggest you do your part and read some books and articles on Pivot trading.
I have been using this strategy for a long time. All trades will be swing trades. They can last a few days or a couple weeks. PA is your friend!!

Lets talk about charts and setting them up!!

I have shared everything that i use including the templates. If you’re like me and want the pips and your freedom at the same time then this
system will be just right for you!! I am also a huge fan of Harmonics. You will find that Harmonics will also line up with the pivots as well.

The trades!! (After setting up the platform the trades should be self evident)!!

So major S/R will be 61,78 and 100. I’m not saying that other levels will be pertinent, these will be the most important. Most importantly you must believe that anything can and will happen. At any point a trade becomes invalid do not add to the losing trade.

I do not conform to the normal trading mentality. I will break my trade down into 5-6 smaller trades as it moves into profits. For me its easier to
manage my losses this way
I suggest doing your news homework before the new week starts. Be prepared for whats to come. My post will be my analysis and not trade advise. It will be what i expect to happen.

Happy Hunting!!!

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