Butterscotch replies to: anyone need help?

Thank you for offering your help renasdad (and anyone else here).

I am sadly not able to be consistent in a strategy. Every time I lose 3 or more times in a row, I think it doesn’t work and I start from 0. After more than a year, I struggle with the exact same problem and I cannot get myself overcoming this issue.

No matter how many strategies I read on FF, if I lose couple times, I move on. I don’t trust myself and I struggle with accepting that many losses can happen and I should think long term, but this is really easier said than done.

Since I’ve left my home country and moved to Asia to trade almost full time (there is a long, personal story behind this decision), I am under this immense pressure to succeed and I promised myself to be able to do that, but due to this pressure, I cannot think clearly and straight anymore. Even basic stuff, like support/resistance, I start questioning and what not. I am totally numb, many small losses on my trading add up that I am now looking at a total loss of 70%.

At this moment, I decided to stop and seek for help. And I came across this thread, hoping that I will find someone who is willing to teach me his way, that I can master and be consistent in because this will give me confidence and the things will start making more sense again.

It was perhaps not the best choice to bring my wife and baby son as well, but turning back time is unfortunately not an option. I wish it was On this matter, I look forward to speaking to someone who could help me out while I am trying to fix my problems. I will not sit here and wait – I do keep working hard but it seems that a mentor is really required for me. I am not sure if FF is the best place to seek for help, but so far, this is the only place I know.

All the best to you all.

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