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{quote} VEEFX…..first of all…thanks….great read…. Your main: my principle of “TIME IS EVERYTHING” FF is saying the same……. So…….get along and keep contributing…….

I urge you to read all my posts from last few days or a week. It follows a specific sequence of my journey, what I do, why I do, why i think manipulation is important and necessay, why I say “do what markets HAS to do to survive”, why i say, trade with the market makers and not against them.

Over the past few months, I have strategically shared 99% of what I do… in bits and pieces, a little bit here and a little bit there for anyone to connect the dots and reflect how a practical solution can be implemented. I know I sound egoist, arrogant and a barking dog (but my personality in real life is 100% opposite of what I portray online). I have chosen this style of forum participation to protect my own interests from being manipulated. A trader’s journey has to be solitary to result in a positive outcome as no two traders can think alike or collaborate to achieve great(er) things… one of them has to take a lead and I do not belong in places where I cannot lead. That is just who I am… pure black and white supporting my theories only with facts and data. As I said, in trading there is only an IF and only an Else. The moment you introduce a “MayBe”, you will have a blown account in no time :-

I am on self-imposed exile from FF to continue my detoxification journey!

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