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Dear Forex Factory members and clients of Global Prime,

Over the last year Global Prime has invested considerable time and effort into upgrading our infrastructure to ensure rock-solid stability and an optimal trading environment for all of our clients. We have recently acquired new dedicated MT4 servers for Live and Demo which are armed with sophisticated and state of the art bridging software.

We will be implementing the server move this coming weekend and changes will come into effect ready for trading on 29/09/2013 @ 21:00 GMT +0 (Market Open). Please make a note of this date as there are important changes which you will need to consider before then.

Changes to the MT4 Live environment & how this may affect you

1. Server time – this will be changed from GMT + 0 to GMT + 2 / 3. Daylight savings (based on NY DST) will be applicable and automated to the 0servers configurations. This change means no more Sunday candles and a proper 5 daily candle week.
2. Chart data – Charts will commence utilising the GMT +2 /3 time stamps as of 21:00 GMT 29/09/2013 on MT4.
3. Client Information – All efforts have been made to make this move as seamless as possible, there will be no change to: open positions, cash balances, personal information or passwords. All you need to do is log out and log back in to your MT4 account after 29/09/2013 @ 21:00 GMT +0 (Market Open).

Changes to the MT4 Demo environment & how this may affect you

1. All current demo accounts will be inaccessible after 29/09/2013 @ 21:00 GMT +0 (Market Open). You will need to install our new MT4 software and create a fresh demo account on the new server. Details on how to do this are below.
2. New demo accounts will now expire after 30 days of inactivity.
3. Server time has been changed from GMT +0 to GMT + 2 / 3 to reflect live changes.
4. The .G suffix on the end of pairs is no longer applicable.

We have officially launched our new demo server today and it is now available for use.

Please note that metals will only be active on the new demo server after 29/09/2013 @ 21:00 GMT +0 (Market Open). To install the new demo please follow the instructions at this link:

If you have any questions regarding the new changes or if you have any difficulties logging into your account please email us at or call on +612 8277 6611.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for trusting Global Prime as their broker of choice – it’s been a great year for all involved and it’s extremely rewarding for our team when we hear the great feedback that comes through about Global Prime daily.

Thanks from everyone @ GP.

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