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Because I am utterly fucking disgusted at how the BB Trigger has been working out… And, because I haven’t really unplugged yet… I’ve done a little more playing with the code and a couple of other ideas. Testing, overnight, just started…2 New Triggers for an MTF look at Stochastics as an Overbought and Oversold area for triggering. Along with this, have Re-Defined the trend outlook based on a 1-3 day EMA. So…Triggering can be set as off of the M5 or off of the M15, using an M1 chart. All other cost averaging will be available…though I have…

Hi Magix,Your commitment and relentless hard work with improving the system and encouraging people to never forget the less fortunate is inspiring. Keep up the great work and I, and I’m sure all of the community, believe we are privaleged to be part of such a fortunate group under your guidance…
BR, Carlos

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