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{quote} Hi Strat, Thank you for your detailed reply. To response your words: I am a lady live in WA. WA stands both ‘Western Australia’ and ‘Wait a While’. The famous words here is ‘Take is easy, mate’. Thanks for the link of your website. It will be good homework for me this weekend. Thanks for the words about the time frame. I plan to trade on day chart when I am on my holiday (1.5 months from August). I can’t stop watching the price during the day. Hope holiday stops me. Thanks for the comments about my stop trick. It might be something…

Hi Victoria

Welcome to our humble area of personal growth.

I can’t stop watching the price during the day.

Every trader is different so I will write from my own perspective. If I cannot turn away from the screen, my personal psychology, little people, will start screaming at me. It can get to where every pip against you brings mental turmoil and every pip in your direction, elation. Both dangerous to a trading mindset. For me…If I can’t walk away from the screen for at least the time of one bar on the chart I am trading, I am doing something wrong. It’s a rule of thumb for me. So if trading a 5m chart, I need to be able to walk away and get a cup of coffee or something and be back by the close of that bar. 15m chart ? 15 minutes. Daily chart? Look at it when I get home from work. There are exceptions once in a while. Like I said a rule of thumb for me.

I might have a lot of questions. Hope it won’t bother you much.

Questions are more than welcome as long as progress is being made along the “Path”. I look forward to questions. I am learning as well. For that matter we never stop learning.

Looking forward to what you will be contributing to the thread.


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