cfabian replies to: More simple is impossible


{quote} Hi Matomi, I tried to BS as well, but I got contacted by Pepperstone requesting additional paperwork to make the case…so, a no go on my end. 🙁

I think today is no problem with creating new account within 24 hours with most of the top class brokers, so no big deal anyway ADS Securities, IC Markets, LMAX, offer is still bigger.

Only idi.ts are fighting against retail traders, they makes a money to brokers, not the big ones. Why would the most of brokers worldwide set a required amount of money to create Real account lower than 500$, nowdays it is even less (Pepperstone UK – 10$ to open a 0.10 lot size position on DAX), if small retail traders are not their milk cows ?
The only logic reason why Pepperstone is doing this – Not enough capital to cover so huge leverages with amount of traders those trades via them. Otherway, they can wipe their ass with whole ESMA. But that’s only my opinion.

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