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Bobby, Thanks for your efforts and letting people know about your easy trading system. I was checking that system and your trading exploer for a couple of days and had a good feeling for it. I know you were already planning to delete the Trading Explorer this week for the reasons you mentioned; it’s ok but early today I was looking at you your Trading Explorer and saw you had many eurusd sell trades in which you were having huge losses. Around -150 pips or so. Then in the afternoon I saw that your explorer suddenly disappeared. You could have waited…

I was screwing around with it, that’s all. Decided to have a bit of fun with the USD news, something I would never do with real money. The demo was going to be toast at London close anyway. I had that thing up for 2 weeks, , win rate a tad above 80 pct., profit factor over 4.0, almost doubled the account, and had exactly one compliment about it the whole time it was up. I’m not fishing for compliments, and now maybe now we can focus on the purpose of the thread instead of that goofy TE demo.

Here”s the way this works, OK? I presented an idea. If it appeals to someone they try it out themselves. If they like it they use it as is or incorporate it into some other method they are comfortable with. Hopefully it benefits them somehow. If they don’t like it they deep-six it and move on. Simple, right? You would think so. I’m probably being naive, but I never fully realized how lazy and mean-spirited people could be until I put that TE up. Nut cases popping up out of the woodwork like daily. You would think I was charging them a subscription fee for signals and I was fleecing them blind. No, I won’t be losing any sleep over the demise of the TE.

“It took me a lifetime to learn to paint like a child.”(Pablo Picasso)

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