Chart1st replies to: is there any profitable strategy?

The fact that you are asking a question like this indicates that you are far from profiting… the learning curve for you is still very long. You have been on this forum since 2014… I’m pretty sure within the past few years, without a doubt you must have came across many different threads like this where others have been repeating the same questions and answers over and over again. Are you purposely reading over it and ignoring it? You are either ignoring it, or you’re not doing enough research.

Finding a profitable methodology is not difficult… just use a search engine and spend time doing research. The answers are right there, consider every single component to trading… everything you read, take it into account. Stop disregarding the pieces of advice floating around out there and being so fixated on the money. Just remember to never pay anybody for anything… what you need to know is all free.

There is more to profitability than just the methodology/system. You are entirely too focused on the “making money” aspect of trading that you are ignoring every other important component. An example like this is cliche, but if a stool is standing on 4 legs, and a leg goes missing, will it be able to stand? In this case, you are missing like 2-3 different “legs”, this is why you are failing, you don’t have all the ingredients.

Consider all the elements to trading, stop being so fixated on the money.

Bulls make money, Bears make money, Pigs get slaughtered

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