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I started with a live account of $120 about three weeks ago and presently have account balance of $308. it would have been up to say $900+, but I have little trading time, because I hold a regular job as a caregiver. Forex is not a fixed systematic thing. it involves years of trading experience, strong will over your emotions( I am still fighting this), fundamental analysis coupled with technical bias, major political direction/sentiment of currency home country, a self created or refined about 80% combined indicators. add all this; and you’ll likely…

all that work+study+knowledge+self refined indis+funda analysis+technical bias… start a 120$ account….really??????

would have, could have, should have…if you expect 900$+, or about 600% within 3 weeks if with more trading time at hand, why to bother to be a caregiver, and not just devote yourself to trading?
just pool together 5 days salary, say 600$ ( profile says you trade from US), and you should hit 5000$ monthly income from it at that speed?!

i am looking forward to see your long run profitability!
a future subscriber when you pull this out, and in a transparent fashion!
in the meantime, i dare to think you are full of s%*t.

there is always, always another trade!!

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