Cobra replies to: Fractal Freak’s Not So Fractal Secret


ignore list is getting larger with ff glad I made it to the hall of fame with billytt, redoktober, dukas, bluesteel, fxprimate, thread starter venidivicici and the rest {image}

welcome in the club.

fractalfreak is a funny babe. always when someone expose new fakes from him, he started to create fake stories and fantasy dreams about this perons and write it down because he dont had any argument against other people, and its so funny to see him with his psycholigical problems cant start his fraud like he planed from beginning and you see him really hard thinking, how he can turn the scam and fraud to a good win, he invested so much time in this fraud and i dont think he thought he would be catched so fast he could not sell his bullshit garbage.

his biggest problem was he did use the otc orderbook fake as basic and so only the idiots believed him from beginning, like always when this fraud was started and he was so from first second easy to see as fraud starter and faker. then from post to post he faked more and more, after he even faked his trades his party was over. using a fraud and scam what so many fakers did already do before him was so stupid.

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