cuchuflito replies to: Weekly Pivot trading with TDI


{quote} Irony of life.The idiot trading my system and has me on ignore. Ungrateful and loud mouth. You must have few screws loose somewhere. Listen simpleton John spent many hours complying key posts so other privateers can benefit.You don’t even deserve holding a candle for him. Its too bad its not my thread because you won’t even have a chance for single post! You just reminded me why I closed my thread to begin with.I should just let it go.I had enough of idiots {image}

Hi Davit
After 15 years of learning from different people, I have a short list of the best traders I´ve learnt from, and you belong there.
I noticed you really get affected by people who attack you unfairly.

I once heard this from a very wise man:
“Don´t offend anyone…
If someone offends you, don´t be offended…
..if you cannot avoid being offended, don´t take revenge”..

(At least for me, not easy to follow, but worth a try…)
…all the best…

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