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I occasionally post here at the ForexFactory. I developed this system after more than 12 years of effort. I share trading figures for different trading instruments on occasion.

For those that may feel the stop levels are a bit shallow consider the logic when trading from 5 to 10 contracts at a time. That adds up fast good or bad..Ignore the stop level and use your imagination.

For clarification

A1-9= Above

PC= Previous Close “Deck” The Middle Line Between Above And Below

B1-9= Below

Note: Between A 7 and B 7 is typical of a full daily range. The A 8-9 EXT and B 8-9 EXT are considered Extended to Extreme.

Focus on the Buy and Sell notated figures the rest of the levels are noise and don’t apply until after a trade has been established.

The High Low Close were transcribed from Ameritrade Think Or Swim Platform EURUSD SPOT FX Daily Range of:
8-28-2018. Since Spot FX has varied High Low Close levels among brokers it’s inconsistent however most levels are close enough for broadband viability.

There is on average a 15-20 tics to pips constant difference in the 6E CME Eurusd vs any Spot Eurusd quote.
The attached Trading levels are based on Spot FX EURUSD.

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