daedalus replies to: I will code your EAs and Indicators for no charge


{quote} Hi Wolfie i love the way you put up stuff here how i wish me you could have the knowledge of coding we would have dished out stuff here thanks for your unrelented efforts and persistency most especially on that price action indicator i posted a few weeks back also checkout post #25289 its very profitable for me but just need a little modification of two horizontal lines for STOP LOSS AND ADJUSTABLE TAKE PROFIT LINES stop loss line at the back of the signal candle and at least a take profit line of 20pips on 1hr chart theres been a lot of…

Hey Slingshots, don`t call me Wolfie, or I delete all your indis and change your dna…

Ok, as the coders are doing so many profitable stuff for the non-coders for free, I guess everybody is thankful. It`s summer and they have a lot of things to do,
vacation, family, spy on girls and stuff..
Even it is frustrating not to get the highly logic priceaction indicator changed into endless arrows and alerts (not only two candles), we have to be patient until the coders cooled down, come back relaxed with a lot of time in their bags.
I will bring the indi up from time to time with no stress at all and I am sure one of the coders will see how extraordinary logic it follows priceaction.
To your suggestion on post 25289, I stoped using Nugget 3 years ago. Maybe it is better now, but to many indis are more confusing than helpful.
But thanks for your nice post and many green pips to you !!!

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