danirachman replies to: Cable Update (GBPUSD)

Online Addict update!!!!

( I’m bored, just setting TP and sell orders, waiting, not much to trade few days )

Soooo…Brexit talks break really bad.Pound sinks… Patience to sell next spike.


I would bet anything we will see 3240 soon and there is nothing anyone can do about it.
Easy money…like picking it from the street.

Guys, fellows,
We ain’t seen OnlineLongAddict about four days.

The investigation i started has shown some amazing results

We got a picture of OnlineLongAddict, working hard, picking good money, as expected on the street

Hope he drops this business and is back here but on the right side. Short side

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Beware of robber banks (RB), bad advisors. 😉

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